Want to be an Online Entrepreneur?

You can build a sustainable online business promoting products that people want and need! Get more info about the Social Retail business model & our proprietary online marketing platform!  

I have the systems, trainings, team and mentorship to fit your needs. Drop your Information below and I will send you a series of emails that outlines our platform and the opportunity!

I am an entrepreneur, a fitness enthusiast, a mama of 4 who stepped into Social Marketing and SLAYED IT!  Prior to this company, I was with 3 different companies, doing it the "traditional" face to face, in home parties, 3-way calls way.

When introduced to the Online Platform, It definitely felt different at first, I was used to the old style of building, just jumping in and sharing but when I understood what we had I combined my skills with  Internet and Network Marketing and RAN!

I BROKE A COMPANY RECORD by achieving PLATINUM 3, the TOP Customer Pod rank in record breaking time! This won me a trip to Nicaragua, Recognition at National Convention, Spotlighted by and even performing training for the company all the while I continue to BLOW UP my customer pod and build my team all through THIS ONLINE MODEL!

I am now creating a REAL online business and anyone who is serious in being my business partner can do it to! 
My why is and will always be my family. With this model, I'm making money that I've never made before and I still have time with my family and that means the world to me!