The Power of Events

With our SRL model, Connecting with our audience online through content, social media, and digital storytelling is no longer an unproven or emerging trend; it’s the foundation of a sustainable and consistent brand, which is why we are making such an impact.

But the power of face-to-face interactions in strengthening connections can be lost in a social media platform. This is why attending these events are a MUST!!

This event was so powerful, full of energy, knowledge and relationships.

3 Reasons Why Attending Events are Important
You will get more out of your money when you attend things live.

For 3 simple reasons.

1) You Are More Focused and Aware
When you are listening to a recording you can easily become distracted.
You may be multi-tasking, not fully paying attention nor thinking about how you will apply what you are learning.
In other words, you are not maximizing the training and wasting your time. Being at the event makes you be PRESENT in the moment. You retain more info and gain more knowledge being at the event
2) The Atmosphere Motivates You
We are a product of our environment and what we surround ourselves with plays a big part in our success. Energy cannot be Taught, It can only be Caught!
When you attend a live training event, you get to be in the same room and see things that you don’t get at home.
It’s one of the reasons why attending your company’s annual Convention is so important.
Your live MLM training event is the few times of the year when you are only surrounded by positive and motivated people.
It’s your escape from the negative people that bring you down.
3) Your Network is Your Net Worth
Millionaires don’t attend events just for the training.
Most of them already know the stuff that is being taught but they are wise enough to know that the REAL value is in the networking.
There is no better way to meet and pick the brains of successful people than to attend a live event.
I had low self confidence and lacked the belief in MLM to be successful but fortunately I attended my first event over 10 years ago and had a major breakthrough.
Since then, I’ve made an effort to attend every live event possible.  In my years of MLM, I have only missed ONE event due to my youngest in the NICU after birth...That goes to show you my belief.

Success in MLM is Built On Events
Your success in MLM is dependent on how many events you go to and also how many of your downlines attend these events.

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